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Delivering Ecommerce growth and strategy consultancy through expertise and experience in Ecommerce, SEO, Amazon strategy and BigCommerce platform solutions.

Services Journey

As the Ecommerce Director and Co-founder of GTSE a cable ties and trade supplies business, I tried to instil everything i've learnt throughout my years in the ecommerce and SEO industries. 

There's a huge amount of opportunity out there for the more niche areas of ecommerce and with the correct strategy and patience huge growth can be obtained.

Content strategy is a big part of the plan with the GTSE range it's not enough to have good pricing and service, a brand needs to be an expert on the products they offer for Google to believe there's a reason to rank them. To this end at GTSE we built out the following content hubs to portray this:

Cable Ties Buyers Guides

Tape Buyers Guides

Cable Management Buyers Guides

Aerosol Buyers Guides

PPE Buyers Guides

Electrical Buyers Guides

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