Restaurant Ordering From Mobile Device – Just Eat app review



It’s always really exciting when you find a new app that you can use every day, especially if you’re lazy and don’t want to cook. Though there’s some great recipe apps (and the BBC Good Food app is a standard), it’s also great to let the professionals cook for you every once in a while, and there’s not a whole lot that technology is able to do about that.

Or is there? Until recently going out for dinner, or getting food in, often meant for an unplugged evening. Randomly selecting restaurants in Google and ringing up; listening to the noisiest kitchen in the world on the other end of the phone; placing an order to be delivered to your home…only to discover that you don’t actually have any money in order to pay for the meal when it arrives. – of television advertising fame – actually have a fantastic app available for iPhone and Android, which makes this whole process a lot easier. Type in your postcode and the cuisine type you are in the mood for (Chinese restaurants are popular, for instance), and the app makes sorting through a lot easier as everything is properly categorised, and only takeaways are delivered, rather than every random restaurant in a 10 mile radius. This means it’s much easier to choose one (or go straight to your old favourites, usually available on here too), view the whole menu (you don’t need to have a drawer for all the takeaway menus that are slotted through your door, which are never to hand when you actually want to order something), and place the order.

If you don’t have a card you can still pay with cash when your meal is delivered, which is great, but if you’re packing plastic then you can pay in advance and everything is taken care of for you. You can start relaxing and stop panicking about trying to collect up everyone’s money – it’s always short, and someone always gets too little change, while you’ve got no idea where the extra has gone because you put in far too much. One of the best things about the app is that it tots up your order total and tells you exactly how much your whole takeaway order comes to – something that’s often left to guessing as the delivery driver starts knocking on your door.

Better still, Just Eat provide discounts (20% or even more in some restaurants) which mean that ordering takeaway using the app can save you money. Check out their Twitter account too, as they’re regularly running promotions and competitions which could save you even more money, or better yet, win you some free food.

Grab the app from their app page, or straight from iTunes if you’re using an iPhone – don’t worry if you’re on one of Nokia’s great new Windows phones or a slightly less great Blackberry, you can still browse the mobile site using your phone. The app itself looks pretty tasty too, so you know you won’t be put off your food while you’re ordering.


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