Best technology to get in touch with those abroad


As the world becomes an ever faster moving place and we have to travel more and more for work and this results in an ever more expensive and inconvenient when it comes to contacting our loved ones back home. Recently I had a colleague who was sent to work in a satellite office abroad and he was constantly telling me of the sheer inconvenience when it came to making a call back home. Here you will find recommendations of how to do this with ease and at a great price.

For starters if you are always on your laptop and have a great internet connection, you are going to want to use a great VoIP program that can make it both cheap and easy for both participants, but the main problem with this, is that if you are making long and tiresome call to people abroad you are going to want a way to supplement the quality of your speakers as this will not sound great. For example you can get one of these Skype phones hooked up to your internet and it will work an absolute charm.

If however you are constantly on the move and you aren’t quite sure if you are going to have a stable source of internet, your best bet is a cell phone with a reliable and cheap international calls package. Making international phone calls is really quite easy with the Rebtel free calling app. However it should be noted that this will require either an IPhone, IPad or android in order for you to have the software installed so that you can make the call.

Another alternative that I would also recommend is calling cards, although these are quite complicated and often will have problems from certain telephones, they are quite cheap when you manage to get around the fact that they are nearly impossible to use.