What to Consider When Purchasing an eReader


The “tablet-era” has arrived and it continues to rear its face every year in the form of new ways to browse the Internet, play a game, and read a book. It’s been nearly five years since Amazon put out the “Kindle.” The proverbial “fire-to-the-flame” was so popular when it originally came out that after its initial sales, it was off shelf for five months. While some still prefer the feel of a real book, those who don’t seem to mind have become a demographic for a market that seem to be all rather similar. At its core, eReaders are just technologically advanced “hardback cover” books. In reality, eReaders now have the ability to do more than offer its owners a couple of nice books to enjoy, with innovation and progression leading the way. Below are a couple of tips to consider when buying an eReader.

Pick the size of the display

Decide what size eReader you want. For example, you can have one with a display of 6 inches like Amazon’s Kindle 2, or you can elect to purchase an eReader that comes with a display as large as 10 inches. If this is your first eReader purchase, make sure you understand that the size of the display is where the text will appear for you to read. Choose the eReader with a display size that you feel would best work for personal reading.

Purchase a Reliable Brand

Once you do decide the size you want, make sure you purchase a reliable company’s device, like Amazon’s Kindle series or another eReader favorite, Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet. Purchasing an eReader from one of the aforementioned companies is important because they are both attached to a book service that allows them and the customers who purchase their eReaders to potentially access a list of hundreds of titles to choose from. Purchasing an eReader that isn’t as popular or connected to a major retailer like Amazon may not allow you access to as many titles.

Look and Appeal

Look and appeal comes down to two different preferences. The first is E-Ink technology. This technology gives the eReader the same feel you’d get from reading a print book. The text appears relatively similar, too. The second option is LCD color screens. The layout is similar to that of a print novel.

With technology advancing and the hunger for knowledge in demand, eReader manufacturers have made reading almost as convenient as the mp3 player has made listening to music. When deciding to purchase an eReader, choosing a respectable company’s eReader like Barnes & Noble’s Nook will ensure optimal reading whenever you should choose.