Top 5 apps of 2013

app storeMobile app developers are an innovative bunch, and if there’s one thing you can always count on it’s that new apps will keep on coming – from the incredibly useful to the delightfully pointless, and everywhere in between. Whether you really think they make your life easier or are just good for wasting a bit of time with, there’s a huge selection of apps out there for almost any purpose you can imagine.

We’re only a few months into 2013 but already there have been some cracking new apps released – and to save you some time, we’ve collected five of our favourites below. If your phone’s a bit on the old side, it may not be able to run them all – why not consider upgrading and check out some of the great mobile phone deals out there?

101 Great Goals (iPhone, Android) – A must for footie fans, this video app lines up all the latest goals from the Premier League and European competitions. The free iPhone app also features a stream of the latest news and videos, and blog posts from the 101 Great Goals website.

Avast! Mobile Security (Android) Some of the best mobile antivirus software on the market, and best of all it’s free. As well as keeping you safe from nasty malware, it can even help you find a lost phone through the remote tracking feature.

Sunrise Calendar (iPhone) – If you’re a bit tired of the calendar bundled with your iPhone, upgrade to this slicker software. You can sync it with Google Calendar, Facebook and LinkedIn to get all your updates and appointments in one place, as well as handy features like the ability to pick a default map application.

OnLive (iPad, Android) – This streaming service allows you to play current-generation console games on a tablet. All the processing power is handled on the server end, so as long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection you can play what you like – from a list of over 300 games.

Tasker (Android) – A great app for people who like to tinker, this lets you change all kinds of settings and program new behaviours for your phone. While it takes a while to master it completely, you’ll be amazed at how much of your phone’s potential you can unlock.