Hi Tech Mobile Accessories – The Present and the Future


Every single year, hot new innovative mobile accessories and cases hit store shelves in hopes of helping improve the functionality of the continual stream of bigger and better devices.  If you’re looking for something beyond your standard case and screen protector, then below are some gadgets that you should definitely be on the look out for.

Solar Powered Displays for Smartphones

Remember back in the day when we all used solar powered calculators?  France Wysips has taken that idea and brought it right to the smartphone.  By applying an ultra thin and transparent photovoltaic film to the front of your smartphone, you can quickly and easily charge your phone any time, anywhere.

The Ultimate in Mobile Phone Security

Gone are the days when you need to worry about some nosy friend or stranger accessing your cell phone when you temporarily leave the room.  Fujitsu’s newest device, the “Arrows VF-04E” offers users complete biometric security.  When this device is applied to any smartphone, it’ll then “read” the fingerprint through a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device and it will only unlock the phone if it’s your finger. This sounds great, but you can’t help but wonder what would happen if something when wrong, or you got eczema and your fingerprint changed a little…

Fujitsu isn’t the only company to come out with this technology this year, however.  ProtecQ is another company that has developed a series of mobile accessories that feature fingerprint scanners for mobile phones and notebooks that helps keep all of your information safe and sound.

GPS For Your Pet

If you have a dog or a cat that’s prone to wandering, then the Tractive pet tracker is definitely for you.  This tiny device can be snapped right onto the collar of your dog or cat and will allow you to quickly locate them, no matter where they may have traveled to.  This device also features a light to help locate pets in the dark, and includes some electronic fence features.

For The Kid At Heart

Elecom has released a series of neat iPhone 5 cases that will take anyone back to their childhood years.   These playful cases feature different handheld games that we pre-cell phone era individuals will certainly remember, such as a ball and maze game and a mini pinball game.  They come in a variety of fun colours and can be easily paired up with Elecom’s portable battery charger (which also includes some rather unexpected yet fun app functionality).

It’s not always about flashy technology, however, as a simple and elegant leather case is sometimes better; like these new Sony Xperia Z cases from Mobile Madhouse.

Hands-Free Audio Streams

Spotify recently partnered up with Ford to help bring its audio streaming service to cars.  Currently being offered only in Ford SYNC AppLink cars, this system allows drivers to easily launch a number of different smartphone apps and functions all by voice control.  It’s the ultimate hands-free innovation!

Other tech that goes well with mobiles

Tablets are a great new device that are becoming increasing popular to use alongside smart phones in the modern technological world. Tablets such at the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Apple iPad are two of the most popular tablets that people use with mobiles. 9 inch tablets such the nook are great for reading things that your phone’s screen just isn’t big enough for.