Gmail 2.0 for iOS can you tell they bought sparrow?

Gmail 2.0 iOSThe original release of the Gmail iOS application was always considered lack luster at best, with numerous bugs as well as a lack of features it didn’t really measure up to its competitors at the time such as Sparrow and the native iOS mail app. The app for me even logged me out all the time, which was annoying making the app difficult to use especially considering the log in button, did work to well either.

In the latest update the Gmail 2.0 update the app has seen a far amount of improvements with not only an upgrade to the usability of the application but it has also seen an interface update. With all the improvements it has seen in the latest updates the app is starting to look like a force to be reckoned with this might have something to do with Google buying their biggest rival in the mobile email client market a company called Sparrow. The Sparrow app was a beautiful piece of work however lacked the funding of a big company behind it so they couldn’t provide features like push notifications.

Since being brought by Google Sparrow has made a very obvious effect on the Gmail application both in terms of UI and features. This latest iteration of the application was made so the app could compete with the Android Gmail app, which is a much better program with a fuller feature set.

In this release the application can now use up to 5 different Gmail accounts instead of the one that was available before. You can also scroll to the very end of your inbox instead of the very limited inbox that the app had before. As well as the feature update the email client also runs a lot smoother on iOS devices. The final upgrade is the user interface it is very well white as you can see below.