Thinkvis 7 my first SEO conference

Last weekend I went to my first SEO conference and I have to say I had a great time, I met some very interesting people and listened to some speeches given by industry experts that were informative and extremely engaging.

The day started off with coffee and bacon sandwiches which are a great way to start any day, then Dom Hodsgson kicked off proceedings giving a brief introduction of what was to come, by this point I was quite excited to hear the speeches.

Throughout the day there were a variety of speeches from Jon Quiton from SEOgadget to Pierre Far from Google. My favourite speeches of the day were the ones from Anna from Koozai, Dan Harrison the WP doctor and James Carson.

Anna gave a great talk on the best ways in which to use analytics in SEO and its uses for reporting. She spoke about how custom reports can be used in analytics to make reporting easier for agencies with lots of clients which I fully intend to try out at the agency I work at, because when you are creating report after report it gets a little tedious.

After Anna’s speech it fell to Dan Harrison from Wp-Doctors who gave a great round up of 25 useful WordPress tips which can be found as an e-book if you follow the link. I found this speech incredibly helpful as this site is a WordPress site and I have actually applied some of the tips since event. I actually spoke to Dan after his speech and found him very helpful and friendly which has lead to him doing a bit of work on this site which he has done a great job on and I definitely recommend WP-Doctors.

My favourite speech of the day was by far the one from James Carson, he’s quite clearly an accomplished speaker and it’s probably not the first time he’s been on stage before as his speech about ‘Saying stuff is dead…. is dead’ kept the crowd entertained and engaged. As the start of the speech his comments on endism were very insightful and quite entertaining, for me it was the end of the speech where he explained his view on inbound marketing where it really got interesting. Below you can see a clip from James’s speech which is near the end where he spoke about the skills that are needed to be an inbound marketer not just an SEO expert.

The thing I liked most about the conference was its feeling of openness and friendliness everyone seemed very willing to talk and share their ideas and opinions on a whole range of SEO subjects. I hope the next conferences I go to are all like that, it wasn’t the most serious conference but I guess that’s just the fun nature of the conference for instance I have to say the weakest ‘link’ game that was played at lunch was very entertaining. Overall I definitely had a great time and would go again.

  • Hi Tom,

    Going to a conference of like minded people is very inspiring. I`ve been to many seminars as well and you learn alot from those seminars. The best are the experiences of the people around you. Thats really the best part of the seminar, getting to know other people. Did you discover alot of new things during the seminar? You probably learned alot about the new panda update. Im curious what you`ve learned.