Apple set to replace dock connector in next iOS devices


It has recently been reported by the Apple news site iMore that Apple is planning to update the hardware that connects its iOS devices to the dock, the traditional Apple 30 pin connector is on the way out according to this report.

Apple is well known for endorsing peripheral connections in its devices as they do with their computers using the less commonly used Fire wire and Thunderbolt connections, they like to do this to help further lock their customers into the Apple world.

With Apple’s cloud service icloud becoming more and more popular the and being used widely throughout their product line, it is likely that Apple will probably want to eventually phase out their connector all together as Apple’s design ethos likes to keep as few buttons and holes on the device as possible. Also if wifi and other types of internet connectivity becomes good enough in a couple of years’ time then hopefully the devices will not need to be connected to a computer at all however this is probably just wishful thinking.

If the dock connector does change then it will mean that the accessories manufactures for Apple products will not be able to use their devices such as speakers and docks with the new iOS devices. This is because it has been rumoured that if it does change it will not change into a more commonly used connection such as the mini USB or the thunderbolt but more than likely a mini version of the current dock connector.

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Src: iMore