Twitter joins the brand bandwagon

pepsi twitter page

Late last week Twitter joined the lights of Facebook and Google + allowing pages on their social networking service to support brand pages. This means that a brands or organisation can have an official presence on the social networking service.

Having brand pages on their site lets twitter fully integrate advertising into the whole of its network, with this addition to the service twitter can become more of an advertising platform for all the brands out there. With this there will be an increase in user involvement as everyone can follows their favourite brands as they do with celebrities at the moment.

Within the new brand pages, companies get to add their own header to the page as well as promote their own tweets so that they stay at the top of their feed as you can see in the screenshot below from the pepsi brand page.

With the growing popularity of twitter among the masses it is the ideal platform for huge brands like Pepsi, Coco Cola and Nike to advertise reaching ever growing audiences of several million people.

I’m sure twitter is hoping that this latest update will help to draw more users to the service from Facebook, it has also this week up graded the user interface of the web site and the mobile apps that it owns. In the new layout there is a greater emphasis on your own personal feed like your profile on Facebook, except on twitter its called ‘connect’. It will be interesting to see how may users this draws anyway from the other social networking sites.

src: Adage